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International dressage rider Tuny Page is pleased to announce that her Stillpoint Farm, a dressage training facility located in Wellington, Florida, is being sponsored by Martin Collins Equine Surfaces. The Stillpoint Farm covered arena is now surfaced with MC Ecotrack, the footing produced by Martin Collins that has provided the stage for many great equine performances in Europe.

With the introduction of MC Ecotrack to the United States, trainers and riders across America are praising the footing that is favored by top European riders. "The MC Ecotrack footing is completely consistent throughout the entire arena so our horses have developed confidence in their balance, elasticity and expression,” Page said. “I’ve always been known as a stickler for proper footing, and while we have always had good surfaces in the past, I now truly believe Stillpoint has the best footing available.

SmartPak Equine- Founded in 1999 with the purpose of simplifying the administration of nutritional supplements and medications to horses.  Patented SmartPak supplement feeding system has been adopted by thousands of barns and horse owners across the country. 

Albion Saddlemakers, a world class British manufacturer of competition saddles and accessories .

BeneFab™ specializes in Ceramic materials (in other words, the ceramic fiber is infused into the threads of our materials).Ceramic fibers directly emit far-infrared rays through the subcutaneous tissue in order to penetrate and be absorbed within the deep tissue level. This process is known as “penetration”. Far-Infrared rays are an invisible, low range ray found on the electro-magnetic spectrum. Emitted far-infrared rays activate vibration at the cellular. Visit their website at www.benefabproducts.com 


Eastern Townships Acreages is an organization dedicated to consistently providing superior quality forage products for horses at a reasonable price year round. Whether you are an experienced hand in raising horses or just starting out, let us at Eastern Townships Acreages help care for your horses by providing them with the best hay containing all the nutrition they need. Get in touch to learn more about us and for a free quote with delivery information. We are now proudly serving Southern Florida


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Stillpoint Farm
Tuny Page